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April 20th, 2016


Cecilia Reinaldo, Managing Director of Fine & Country UAE, says ongoing government investment in infrastructure, tourism and real estate, along with a solid track record of delivering, positions the UAE strongly as an investment destination. “The return on investment [ROI] of 7-10 per cent in the UAE is one of the highest in the world,” says Reinaldo.
Crook points out that other major cities offer much lower yields – 3-4 per cent in London and 2-3 per cent in Hong Kong. The world’s affluent also cited tax regime changes in Europe, particularly London, and safety as major concerns, according to The Wealth report. “We have seen a rise in Properties under Dh5 million are still the ones moving the most becaues of better mortgage financing, according to Cecilia Reinaldo, Managing Director of at Fine and Country. “Obviously, the ultra luxury villas on the Palm Jumeirah, as well penthouses in Downtown Dubai, are still of interest to many individuals looking for unique properties,” she says.


Cecilia Reinaldo
Managing Director
Fine & Country UAE

Source: Property Weekly

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