Nakheel Community Rules and Regulations

February 2nd, 2015

 Dear Valued Customer,

In relation to the Sales and Purchase Agreement and the Master Community Declaration for your Property, we are pleased to share the Community Rules and Regulations Document, which constitutes a part of the Master Community Declaration.

The Objective of the Community Rules and Regulations is to maintain a harmonious environment for the community, which contributes positively to both, the living of the residents and the property value. We expect from all owners to comply with the Community Rules and Regulations and to the guidelines above at all times. We look forward to your compliance and positive contribution towards your Community.

We would like to remind that each owner is responsible to forward the Community Rules and Regulations to the tenant of the Property and/or the next property owner should the property be sold in the future. Also, each owner/tenant is responsible to inform his/her visitors, domestic staff and contractors about the applicable Community Rules and Regulations for each.

If you have any inquiries regarding the Community Rules and Regulations, community services and facilities, please don’t hesitate to highlight them to the email address for your community


Click here to Download Rules and Regulations


Sincerely Yours,

Community Management

Nakheel Asset Management and Infrastructure

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